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** Update on 03.12.2009 - There is a new (better???) version of the QuickSearch feature installed. If your browser supports Javascript, you will automatically see the new version. Non javascript-enabled browsers will still have the old style QuickSearch feature as before.If you experience problems with the new QuickSearch feature, please do let us know by sending an email to:

We hope you will find the information on Magicard Online's web site useful. The site is an experimental development area for several web based support ideas. The web site may be useful to dealers, installers and end users of the full range of Magicard ™ secure ID badge printers. It is available for use on an 'as is' basis. Features may be added or withdrawn without prior notice. We do try however to maintain functionality during upgrades and feature enhancements whenever possible.

looking for the official magicard web site?

The official magicard web site can be reached by following the link below;

Magicard Official Web Site